Surefire Ways To Build Strong, Confident Female Athletes
& Win Championships

(Including how to eat & train: in season, off season and retirement)
Get the nutrition and lifestyle education you need...
as a player, parent, coach or anyone who works with girls and women
Even if you don't know much about nutrition, body image or the female body!

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To find that missing spark that keeps your team from doing what you know they can.

 To feel confident in giving nutrition guidance.

 To know how hormones can change an athlete's attitude and effort week to week.  

 Examples and practical advice on what and when athletes should eat.

 Lifestyle information to help any female athlete perform at her best.

If you want to help your athletes perform at their peak,
then you need this easy to understand ebook!
Who Is This Program For?

  • Anyone who works with girl and women athletes
  • Anyone who is raising girls interested in sports
  • Anyone who wants to know more about female nutrition
  • Anyone who wants to take their coaching from good to great
  • Anyone who wants to continue their education in athletics
  • Any player, parent, coach or administrator involved in both individual and team competitions for girls and women.

Find That Missing Spark Today!

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Begin Fueling the Female Athlete Today!

You're getting...

Fueling the Female Athlete Ebook

(Including Specific Guidelines For Different Training Days, Seasons...And A Plan For Retiring From Competition The RIGHT Way)
  • ​An in depth and quick guide to female hormones and how they play a huge role in day to day practice and competitions.
  • ​Evidence based research behind everything!
  • ​Practical advice teenagers will actually follow
  • ​Nutrition, hydration and recovery information simplified anyone can use it
  • ​Day to day nutrition advice including different tracking (or not) methods
  • ​Body image and lifestyle advice to help girls and women get the most out of their athletic experiences
  • ​And so much more….

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